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Design/Build is a process where SA Casey Construction leads both the design and construction teams. This approach provide a single source of responsibility for the Owner maintained throughout the project from inception to completion.

We also have our construction team involved in the design process to monitor the cost implications of various design decisions and are involved with the selection of materials providing better control to ensure compliance with previously set budgets and schedules.

Another advantage of design-build is the fact that we feel we know how to build in simplified construction details that are worked in during design to provide a smoother flow of construction.

In many cases, portions of the work are contracted prior to completion of the design. This approach allows expedited construction because portions of the design and construction can be accomplished concurrently, thereby compressing the overall schedule.

Design-Build provides the Owner and the design builder with a higher degree of control. This control and single source of responsibility for the Owner can prevent conflicts and delays in construction.



In this approach, SA Casey Construction becomes "part of the team" along with architect and Owner at a very early stage of a project's development. During design development, the construction manager offers conceptual estimating and value engineering services. This is the stage of a project's development where the most money can be saved.

The construction manager evaluates various materials and systems early in the design process to ensure compliance with the owner’s time and budget requirements. Following conceptual design, the construction manager monitors the design consultant’s progress through the completion of the working drawings to ensure the project stays on schedule and budget.

Construction management also lends itself to a fast track approach. Like design-build portions of the work can be let prior to the design being completed on the remainder of the project. This facilitates compressing of the schedule to allow the Owner an earlier completion date.

When the design is complete, the construction manager assembles the appropriate bid packages and solicits quotations from a number of pre-qualified subcontractors. Their quotations are thoroughly reviewed and recommendations made as to whom should be selected. Often with construction management, the construction manager subcontracts 100% of the work.

The construction manager provides for general conditions, project management, a superintendent, project secretary, and any other expenses directly related to the management and production of the work.




SA Casey Construction will provide assistance with furniture, move-in and training of staff, and warrants its work for one full year from the date of substantial completion. Beyond this one year warranty period, SA Casey Construction will continue to service the building and perform any work to meet the needs of our customers.

No matter how great or small the need of our clients, SA Casey Construction’s staff and our qualified trade contractors will take care of it. Our customers need only look to SA Casey Construction for the solution to all of their building needs.




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